WATCH: launches new campaign celebrating hassle-free insurance finds has launched a new multi-channel campaign emphasising the joy of tackling insurance hassle-free.

In its debut campaign with creative agency Leo Burnett UK, the 60-second spot highlighs the sense of relief and happiness experienced when an important financial task has been completed.

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The new campaign also features 30-second edits, showcasing insurance shoppers from various backgrounds joyfully whistling along to Roger Whittaker’s ‘Finnish Whistler’ after effortlessly purchasing their insurance.

Additionally, the campaign includes two 20-second videos, ‘Wedding’ and ‘Lift’, and two 30-second radio ads focusing on’s car and travel insurance offerings.

Meanwhile, a number of social activations, including a custom Instagram and TikTok filters will also be launched as part of the campaign in a bid to reach a range of demographics, including younger audiences. Head of Advertising and Social Media, Maria Howell-Jones, said: “There’s no two ways about it: choosing an insurance policy can be a stressful task.

“This is something we can all relate to, and so that was our objective – to create something that is relatable. Insurance is one of those life admin tasks that comes around each year and takes time to find the right cover and price.

“But when you do, it’s such a relief. In using, finding your insurance is simple and in the end satisfying, and we want people to know that. This campaign depicts this perfectly and we’re really pleased with the work we’ve done with Leo Burnett to pull this together.”

Leo Burnett UK, Chief Creative Officer, Mark Elwood, added: “Our first work for, and we couldn’t be prouder. Creative platform ideas are always stronger and stickier when they’re simple. ‘Just Used Confused’ is one of those truly simple answers that sticks in your brain instantly.

“Then, the creative work: whistling. We’re celebrating the feeling of saving money with with a little whistle. From AV to TikTok, we’re going to be whistling…feel free to join in.”