Connect2Media Acquires RayFusion

Connect2Media, the recently formed multi-platform entertainment company, has acquired RayFusion, a global distributor of mobile content. The deal will enable RayFusion to facilitate expansion of its distribution network to include major carrier accounts in the EMEA, Asian and Latin American regions.

Israel-based RayFusion will continue to operate as a standalone entity with operational independence from Connect2Media. It will retain its name and corporate identity and there will be no changes to its personnel or operations. However, Connect2Medias support will enable RayFusion to refine the development of its mobile content technology set, which the company says will create a real point of differentiation for RayFusion content suppliers and raise the bar on service levels and transparency.

“Connect2Media is an exciting forward looking company and we are enthusiastic about what we can achieve together,” says RayFusion CEO, Doron Kagan. “Connect2Media has excellent relationships with major carriers around the world which will allow us to broaden our already significant distribution network and cement our position as a leading distributor of mobile games.”
Connect2Media publishes, develops and distributes games and services across multiple platforms, including mobile, web and interactive TV. In August 2008, Connect2Media received investment from Acuity Capital and from Hands-On Mobile, which injected the majority of its EMEA assets into the company. These assets include a global distribution footprint that includes EMEA, Latin America and SE Asia. Connect2Media continues to work with Hands-On Mobile as the exclusive publisher of mobile games such as World Poker Tour 2, Guitar Hero III and Marvel.