EDMAs 2021

Connected Device Owners Open to Advertising

David Murphy


Men dominate connected devices ownership, with the exception of fitness trackers

65 per cent of connected device owners in the US are willing to receive ads on their devices, and 62 per cent have seen an ad on their device, according to research from the IAB. The trade body commissioned Maru VCR&C to survey 1,200 consumers, representative of the US adult population, in order to understand who uses connected devices, which devices, how they use them, how often they use them and how frequently, if at all, they engage these devices with their smartphones, tablets and computers.

The devices examined included connected cars, internet-enabled home control devices/systems, internet-enabled appliances, smart watches, wearable health trackers, internet-enabled voice command systems, connected/smart TVs, VR headsets and smart glasses.

62 per cent of US adults currently own at least one connected device. Among those who don’t own a connected device, nearly all have heard of connected devices and 65 per cent are interested in purchasing one. Connected/smart TVs are the most popularly owned connected devices, with almost half of US adults owning one.

The average connected device owner tends to be a college-educated parent between the ages of 18-34 with above average income who tends to be willing to receive ads on the device. The affluent (69 per cent who earn $100,000 or more) and young (68 per cent of 18-34 year olds) are more likely to see the value exchange of receiving such ads on their devices. Owners of most connected devices tend to be male, except for owners of wearable health trackers

Nearly all internet-enabled home devices/systems/appliances are currently connected to the internet. Wearables and connected home devices are used at least once a day. Most connected devices are used in conjunction with a smartphone/computer/tablet on a daily basis or more frequently, especially owners of smart watches, connected cars and health trackers.