Connected Driving is HERE, from Nokia

Nokia has revealed HERE Connected Driving, an end-to-end solution for connecting vehicles to the cloud.

Connected Driving collects together a number of HERE-branded products. HERE Auto provides in-car navigation, with or without a data connection – theres also an SDK on the way for car makers wanting to expand its functionality. 

HERE Auto Cloud provides always-on access to dynamic services including real-time traffic and road closure updates, as well as local recommendations for restaurants, parking spots and the most inexpensive fuel.

HERE Auto Companion is a customisable app which connects the drivers mobile device up with the in-car system, carrying across navigation info between the two, as well as enabling the user to remotely check their cars fuel level and tire pressure, and find their car using AR.

Finally, Nokia has updated HERE Traffic with the Halo engine for processing real-time data on weather, traffic and congestion, in order to deliver a more accurate travel time estimate.

Its an impressively complete offering, and one which point to the way forward for Nokia, as its handset business struggles. According to Gartner, these kinds of in-vehicle data capabilities will be a key criterion by 2016 for the majority of consumers in mature markets when choosing a car – and it seems to be a market Nokia is well placed to tap.