ConsenSys and LivePerson unveil plans for VillageDAO Web3 customer self-service platform

Blockchain technology company ConsenSys and conversational AI firm LivePerson have announced plans to create what they claim is the worlds first decentralized customer care platform: VillageDAO. The platform will focus on empowering Web3 brands to enable customers to solve their own problems by enhancing community engagement. Community members will be incentivized to contribute to the platform and its partner brands.

Crypto waller MetaMask will be the first client for VillageDAO, and is currently piloting the platform. This follows last years announcement by ConsenSys and LivePerson of their collaboration to enable MetaMask users to get the support they need at the moment they need it through LivePersons Conversational AI.

By combining customer care infrastructure with community incentivization mechanisms, VillageDAO aims to provide a novel solution for enhancing community engagement and customer care. VillageDAO will provide the infrastructure that empowers community members to assist in customer care, lightening the lift for Web3 brands and removing scalability limitations.

“We are looking to implement principles of decentralization across all of our operations, and customer care is tip of the spear,” said said Dror Avieli, Vice President, Customer Success at ConsenSys. “Through VillageDAO, well reward community members who help us elevate the quality of community engagement and learning throughout the Web3 space. We are proud to partner with LivePerson, which has deep expertise in delivering high quality customer care at scale for traditional and decentralized communities including MetaMask, to bring our collective customer care expertise to the Web3 world. VillageDAO is a critical part of our commitment to unlocking Web3 for both founders and users.”

Brands can get started using VillageDAO by registering their interest to join on the VillageDAO website. Once approved, brands can announce their new care platform to their communities, allowing individuals to apply for expert status on the VillageDAO platform. Brands can either verify every new expert for their community or ask VillageDAO to assist in accordance with the brands requirements. Individual community experts can register their interest in joining at VillageDAOs website and contact the team if they are interested in becoming a contributor.