Content Brokerage and Royalty Reporting from 3Bill

David Murphy

3Bill, the recently-launched service from Symbios Group that enables companies to deliver marketing campaigns and sell and bill digital content to mobile phones in an easy and effective way, has launched a content brokerage service. The service will provide clients and users access to 3Bill software that allows them to upload their content to sell directly to their customers, or to resell the content through the channel via partners or clients already using the 3Bill service.
3Bill says the content brokerage service will be of interest for any business that owns and wishes to sell, market and maximise revenue for music tracks, games, video clips, film promos, wallpapers or ringtones for use on mobile phones.
Although there are other services in existence that act as content brokers, 3Bill says its service is unique in several ways. It links content to billing and distribution on mobile phones off one single platform. It allows for flexible tariffs, whereby the resale price of the content is set by the seller. It provides the ability for an unlimited bulk upload of content items, making it easy to use for any business that owns a large library of digital content that it wants to make available for sale. It allows any item of content to be automatically resized and reformatted to fit the specific mobile handset screen size. It contains a Forward Lock security feature that ensures that an item of content cannot be forwarded to other users once purchased. Finally, it includes a web and WAP build generator which allows users the ability to pre-select content, service and tariff and then automatically publish this to the Internet and mobile phone browser.
To access the service, users log in to 3Bill with a username and password, select the Content home page, and then upload content through a simple series of guided instructions during which the content files are downloaded onto 3Bill.
Separately, 3Bill has signed a data agreement with The MCPS-PRS Alliance, the UK music royalty-collecting societies, to provide data to ensure that society members receive writer and composer royalties for every music download made to a mobile phone using the 3Bill billing engine. This facility is unique for off portal billing systems.
The system works by 3Bill providing a quarterly data report to both collection societies of all music downloads associated to society members made to mobile phones, using 3Bill as the billing engine. From this data, the societies will be able to calculate and pay the royalties due directly to writers and composers and collect the royalty from the 3Bill client that sold the download to the mobile phone user. 
Together with the forward lock feature on the 3Bill service, which prevents downloads from being forwarded to other mobile phones from the purchasers phone, this will ensure that writers and composers receive the full royalties that are due to them from mobile downloads.
Our content brokerage service is the first genuine secure billing software for content owners to warehouse their digital content assets and provide access to third parties who wish to resell the content says Symbios Group CEO Martin Montague. In particular, this service should have a strong appeal to music and film companies wishing to create a market place to sell their content to mobile phone users. And our agreement with The MCPS-PRS Alliance will do much to make sure songwriters and composers can be confidant that they are receiving the proper level of royalties due to them from their music that is downloaded from 3Bill on to mobile phones.

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