Content Not Always King, says KPMG

A Whitepaper launched today by KPMG challenges the theory that content is the only valuable commodity that companies need to consider when developing their online and digital propositions.
The paper, Emerging Business Models to Help Serve Tomorrows Digital Tribes, proposes that rather than solely attributing value to content, there are in fact 20 digital value propositions to consider when evaluating the likely success of a digital proposition. For example, does your offering allow users to connect with each other? What is the customer experience i.e. how easy is it to use? Does your offering consolidate information? The KPMG Digital Convergence Equaliser incorporates all 20 areas of value as a tool to help companies to evaluate the strength of their digital proposition. 
The report also proposes that driving online revenues is not simply about targeting individual consumers. Instead, it says, understanding and targeting Digital Tribes with your proposition is key to success in the digital era. The report identifies seven digital tribes Digital Masons, Digital Clubbers, Digital Marines, Digital Nations, Digital Moms, Digital Nomads and Digital Itinerant, all with differing characteristics. 
Why do so many companies find developing digital propositions with revenue models that work a struggle asks Tudor Aw, Convergence Partner at KPMG and author of the report. Perhaps its because the rules have changed. Value is not simply about content and it is no longer simply about consumers. People are no longer constrained by physical boundaries. Instead they connect in a very personal and tailored way with hundreds of people with similar interests across the world, forming Digital Tribes that hold common interests and beliefs. Successful digital enterprises recognise this.
When it comes to monetising digital propositions, some elements are valued more highly than others. It is true that people are more likely to pay for compelling content, but content is unlikely to be the only element of a successful digital enterprise.  Incorporating other elements that consumers value is far more likely to give that enterprise longevity.
You can access a digital version of the report here.