Converge or Die, says Venda

Businesses that do not focus their commerce strategy on convergence in 2012 will struggle to maintain sales in the evolving retail landscape, according to multichannel commerce provider Venda.

Eric Abensur, CEO at Venda, says: “Our clients sales have grown significantly in 2011. Overall transactions have increased by 64 per cent, and sales values by 47 per cent. Their success shows the increased influence multichannel commerce has on all consumer purchase behaviour. For those businesses that want to still be here next year and to grow over the next five years, converged commerce is a necessity. The continued evolution of Venda’s on-demand common infrastructure means that, however consumer habits change, our clients are able to quickly and efficiently adopt and combine channels.”

Venda notes that the mCommerce channel has undergone tremendous growth in 2011, and become practically ubiquitous. The company believes that the ever-increasing adoption of smartphones, Tablets and mobile payments means that the mobile channel will be a must-have offering for UK retailers in 2012, and anticipates that most retailers will recognise the need for dedicated mCommerce platforms. It also says that retailers must recognise that social commerce and mobile commerce will increasingly converge, adding that, in 2012, it expects to integrate most of its retailers with Facebook.