Corbis Launches Low-cost Web and Mobile Images

Visual media provider Corbis Images is making nearly its entire premium-quality collection available in new, simple Web and Mobile resolution file sizes that can be licensed for as little as £5. The new affordable file sizes are designed specifically for use on web sites and in applications and mobile publications for computer tablets and mobile devices.

To coincide with the release of its Web and Mobile file sizes, the company has also released  the findings of a YouGov study of more than 2,000 UK Internet users that reveals that 74% think online display ads are “boring” rather than “interesting” or “exciting”. The same research shows that 53% of all adults surveyed say that more interesting pictures or illustrations would make them more likely to notice online display ads and 52% say they would be more likely to click on relevant ads if they contained interesting photos or illustrations.

“Creative and media professionals no longer have to settle for lower quality stock photos or illustrations when creating ad creative or publishing on the web or for mobile applications,” says Corbis Images CTO, Rajiv Jain. “Our new Web and Mobile resolution file sizes of our world-renowned photos and illustrations are the perfect fit at an affordable price, and people now have the opportunity to demonstrate their best creative work online.”

Corbis Images’ Web and Mobile images are priced according to pixel size, licence model and price tier. For royalty free (RF) images, Corbis Images is offering one simple 400 pixel file size ranging from £5 to £20. For rights-managed (RM) images, Corbis Images is offering two files sizes – 400 and 600 pixels – with prices ranging from £15 to £60.

“There is no doubt that online ads could be far more effective and that outstanding photography and illustrations could certainly make a real difference,” says Daniele Fiandaca, Founder of Creative Social,  and former European Chief Executive of digital ad agency Profero. “Corbis is recognized for having an incredible collection of stock photos and illustrations, and it’s fantastic that the design community is now able to license them so affordably.”