Cornetto Stops Couples Stream Cheating with Series Commitment Rings

Cornetto Commitment Rings AppUnilever has launched Series Commitment, a campaign for its Cornetto ice cream brand that manages to tick off two mobile marketing buzzwords: video streaming and wearable technology.

The campaign promises to combat the issue faced by couples binge-watching shows on streaming services, where one partner cheats on the other by watching the next episode on their own, with a pair of NFC-enabled Commitment rings.

The rings pair with an iOS and Android app where couples can select the shows they want to watch together, with compatibility promised for streaming services including Netflix, Huku and Amazon Prime. If only one of the rings is in range, that content is then locked off until both are connected at once.

The connection with the Cornetto brand isnt entirely obvious, though the brand does generally put romance at the forefront of its ad campaigns.

When the rings will be available, and exactly how many will be made, isnt clear – often, these kinds of campaigns exist first and foremost to create buzz around their YouTube video, which you can watch below – but it seems users will have actually buy the rings, despite their origin as promotional items.