Corona Hard Seltzer debuts tropical beach AR experience

Corona Hard Seltzer, an alcoholic sparkling water product from lager brand Corona, has launched an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience which transports consumers to a tropical beach.

The WebAR experience, created by AR technology company Blippar, enables consumers to travel to a virtual tropical beach where they receive exclusive Corona Hard Seltzer cocktail recipes, can purchase products, and have the ingredients delivered to their home through Basketful.

“Augmented Reality is reinventing how brands connect with their consumers, wherever they may be,” said Rene Ramos, Vice President of Experiential Marketing at Constellation Brands, which Corona Hard Seltzer is committed to offering consumers an opportunity to find their pure beach vibes in a way that is unique to our brand. The AR experience allows them to step into a tropical oasis in an innovative way.” 

The experience will run across digital ads and social media channels in more than 15 US states and can be accessed in-store or at home by scanning a QR code on the Corona Hard Seltzer packaging. There’s also a video capture functionality for consumers to share their experiences on social media.