Cortado Launches Corporate Server 6.1

Cortado has launched the latest version of its on-premise enterprise cloud desktop solution, Cortado Corporate Server 6.1. The new version makes Cortado Corporate Server the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that can be managed with Microsoft PowerShell, automating and simplifying IT processes. Cortado says the solution also offers an array of additional improvements, including certificate management and device management support for iOS 6.

According to a recent survey by Cortado, 42 per cent of companies are looking to implement an MDM solution now or within the next six months. As many of these companies are looking for a solution to manage more than 1,000 devices, the company says, it becomes more apparent that there is a strong need for a platform-independent, fully scalable, MDM solution.

By configuring Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 with Windows PowerShell, a specific drive or a printer can be assigned to all users with just one command. Just as easily, the rights for a group of users can be deactivated in an instant. In addition, Cortado Corporate Sever 6.1 fully supports iOS 6 MDM features, such as supervised mode, allowing the MDM profile to be configured so that the user cannot remove it. The iOS features can be fully administered with the Management Console of Cortado Corporate Server and easily enabled or disabled.

In addition to the secure integration and management of iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian devices, Cortado Corporate Server also provides full desktop features for all devices. In addition, the HTML5 client also enables the integration of all browser-enabled devices. The granting of rights for users is based on Active Directory.

“More and more companies want to productively and securely integrate their employees and are looking for a solution that allows this goal to be easily achieved and managed,” said Cortado CEO, Carsten Mickeleit. “Windows PowerShell is an essential element that all professional MDM systems should support in order to make integration for the IT department as efficient, secure and convenient as possible.”

You can access a fully-functional demo version of Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 here.