Cortado Upgrades Android App

Cortado has released the latest version of its free, cloud-based desktop mobile application, Cortado Workplace, for Android smartphones and tablets. The company says the app significantly expands the mobile functionality of Android devices, allowing users to easily store, access, manage and wirelessly print documents anywhere and anytime, without the need for a computer.

Cortado Workplace has more than 60,000 users across different mobile platforms and supports over 10,000 different printer models, making it completely manufacturer-independent. It also supports a variety of file formats as those found on a PC.

Users get 1GB of free, central cloud storage; access to over 10,000 different printer models; user-friendly file and document management; easy exchange and editing of documents from multiple devices via the relevant Office application, such as Quick Office; the ability to print any document to the nearest wi-fi- or – for Android and BlackBerry users – Bluetooth-enabled printer; and multi device support, which enables a user to access his/her Workplace from iPad, iPhone, or a BlackBerry, Symbian or Android device. The app itself can be installed on (or later moved to) an SD card, rather than on the phone itself.

“Managing files and mobile printing is truly simple as it eliminates the need to run additional applications on a switched-on computer,” says Dirk Löwenberg, business director, online sales and services at Cortado. “With Cortado Workplace, smartphone and tablet users are no longer limited to printing only photos, or troubled by a limited number of printer models suitable for mobile printing. Even Apple’s AirPrint and HP’s ePrint cannot deliver this type of mobile freedom.”

Cortado Workplace technology is based on the Virtual Desktop Processes (VDP) technology developed by ThinPrints mobile Division, Cortado. Cortados VDP products are available for businesses as Cortado Corporate Server, and for individual users as Cortado Workplace.