Cortado Workplace Launches on Android

Cortado has released a version of its Cortado Workplace cloud desktop solution for Android.

Cortado Workplace enables users to remotely store, access, view and manage documents through a smartphone, PC or Mac. It provides users with 1GB of online storage, where documents can be saved using a mobile file manager. In addition, documents can be printed to any local or network printer by connecting, through the solution, with the relevant wi-fi network.

“Since its entry into the market, Google’s mobile operating system has steadily increased its market share,” says Dirk Löwenberg, business director, online sales & services at Cortado. “The ever increasing number of Android devices, as well as the convincing usability of the system, lead analysts to believe that Google Android devices are destined for a large market share. We are sure that aside from its foreseeable success, Android is ideal for enterprise solutions.

Cortado Workplace for Android is available for free in the Android Market, and via the Cortado website.