Cosmose AI launches Kaikainow lock screen platform

Cosmose AI has launched Kaikainow, which it describes as “a new innovation in smartphone lock screen technology”. 

Kaikainow offers smartphone users a personalised learning, news consumption, and entertainment experience. The firm said it is designed to reshape users’ daily interactions with mobile devices and offer a convenient, entertaining, and informative experience for them on the go, without the need to unlock their phones. Curated content, including news, language learning, games, and trending stories can be interspersed between users’ own personal wallpaper pictures. Users can also access Kaikainow to unlock rewards via Kai-Ching, which rewards shoppers for engagement with Kaic  tokens that can be used either online or off.

Launched last year, Kai-Ching is pegged to the US dollar and has been integrated into Cosmose’s first consumer product Kaikai, a gamified shopping app for the Singaporean market, offering savings to its users across a range of popular categories

“We check our smartphone lock screens 80 times a day on average, always seeing the same wallpaper backdrop,” said Miron Mironiuk, Founder and CEO of Cosmose AI. “Imagine, instead of seeing the same image over and over again you see it every other time, while enjoying personalized content during remaining interactions. Kaikainow turns a pretty useless habit into a powerful educational and entertainment tool, and rewards users with Kai-Ching for engagement.”

To date, five smartphone providers, including Oppo and Realme, have integrated Kaikainow into their devices.