Cost to Acquire App Purchasers 20 Per Cent Lower on Facebook than Banners

Facebook ad cropApp users acquired via Facebook make purchases at a rate nearly 50 per cent higher than those acquired through banner networks, and 12 per cent higher than video ad networks.

Thats according to a report from app marketing firm Fiksu which also found that, although Facebooks CPC (Cost Per Click) is 10.4x higher than banners, the cost to acquire a purchasing user through Facebook ads is 20 per cent lower – and eight per cent lower than video.

“This report validates what we have been seeing in the 50,000 campaigns we’ve run for our clients, showing Facebook has the hands-down advantage when it comes to the monetary potential of mobile app user acquisition,” said Micah Adler, president, CEO and founder, Fiksu. “Its clear that the combination of over 1bn mobile users, powerful audience segmentation capabilities and a programmatic approach to app marketing provides the right mix for success.”