Could HTC Get the iPhone 5 Banned?

In the latest of the recent string of manufacturer patent trials, HTC is trying to get a import ban placed on Apple devices – and it might have a chance at succeeding.

US trade judge Thomas Pender has said that HTCs claims are valid, and that Apple might have difficulty invalidating the wireless data transmission patents in question, held by HTC. And if HTC has a case, it could seek an import ban on Apple devices using LTE technology – potentially including the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5.

The patents – which HTC says are critical to LTE data technology – were bought from ADC Telecommunications by HTC in April 2011 for $75m. Any device in production during the pre-trial investigative portion of the patent case could be on the chopping block.

The case might not currently be as high-profile and noisy as the Samsung-Apple trial, but it could potentially have even bigger repercussions.