Could SMS be the Solution to NHS Appointment Troubles?

After the Department of Health announced that one in 10 NHS appointments are missed by patients, mobile messaging company Textlocal believes it has a solution – and, surprisingly enough, its mobile messaging.

According to Textlocal, the benefits of SMS – low cost, fast and efficient – are a good fit for public sector organisations, and automated messaging systems, which could deliver reminder messages to patients, could be the solution the NHS is looking for.

“Our API Gateway can generate automatic text messages to be sent to a patient without the administrator at the hospital having to do anything more than they would normally,” says Textlocal. CEO and founder Alastair Shortland. “Our system can work out when to send the message just from the booking time that is made within the NHS system, and send alerts and reminders straight to a patients mobile phone within seconds – it is really that simple. We believe it could save the NHS millions.”