Coull and PubMatic Partner for Programmatic Video Marketplace

CoullCoull has partnered with ad exchange PubMatic to create the world’s first programmatic private marketplace for in-video overlay advertising.

The partnership will enable advertisers to programmatically buy campaigns leveraging Coulls ad units, which are contextually relevant to the video content onto which they are overlaid.

Coull’s existing network of video inventory currently stands at 6bn video views per month across 180 markets.

“We’ve always believed that a sustainable digital economy relies upon a value exchange between the publisher, the advertiser and the user,” said Irfon Watkins, Coull founder and CEO. “This partnership gives marketers a way to deliver targeted ads within the stream of premium video content, generating an additional source of revenue for our media partners and ensuring users are served ads that are relevant to the content experience they’re having.”