Crafted Media Wins Adnams Pub Quiz App Task

Adnams, the Suffolk coastal brewer, has appointed digital agency Crafted Media to build and design a pub quiz iPhone app.

Set to launch within the next few weeks, the app will include a range of classic pub quiz categories. Players must answer questions before the timer runs out while progressing through rounds and levels without using their lifelines to either dodge a question or reveal an answer. When the pint-sized quiz game ends, the total score will be revealed and players will be able to find out where they are ranked on the global Adnams Leader Board.

“We wanted to produce something that would appeal to our customers, light-hearted and engaging, avoiding the usual pub-finder type apps produced by many brewers,” says Adnams head of web, Sean Clark. “Crafted Media presented a great idea that has plenty of scope for further development and longevity.”