Create Your Own Mobile Dating Site

Online dating company Global Personals is launching its mobile platform, which enables brands and individuals to create their own dating sites for the mobile web. The platforms Beta period saw a 133 per cent increase in the number of members taking up full membership subscriptions.

“The rise in popularity of web-enabled mobile devices has created an opportunity for online dating to evolve,” says Ross Williams, co-founder and CEO of Global Personals. “This technology will enable our partners to make their sites available to a wider audience across a variety of devices. We are absolutely delighted by the uptake that the beta has generated as members have embraced this new technology, with nearly 25 per cent of new sign-ups across the platform coming directly from a mobile device.”

The mobile platform – which has been built using the Ruby language, and draws upon a series of RESTful API services – is fully cloud-based , and incorporates LBS and mCommerce functionality.