Creating personalised shopping experiences with mobile messaging

Tim Maytom - Sponsored by: Tyntec

Keeping up with today's shoppers is challenging, but personalised, conversational interactions can help - in a big way!

As shopper expectations rise in an age of digital, social and mobile transformation, getting personal is a powerful must-have tactic for today's retailers. Thanks to Tyntec's latest whitepaper, you can find out how real-time communications such as two-way messaging is helping retailers provide seamless customer experiences through their customer journey.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • How shopper communication behaviour has shifted toward sconversational messaging
  • What new customer engagement opportunities are being created for retailers
  • Actionable tips for powering deep, personalised interactions by integrating real-time communications tools

Armed with research data, consumer insights and specific use cases, you can boost your customer engagement  - and sales - today. Just download Tyntec's free whitepaper now.