Creatively consistent digital campaigns garner more attention from consumers – report

Consistent creativity in digital ads catches the consumers eye

A focus on creative consistency across formats results in an increase in the amount of attention paid to digital ads by consumers, according to a study from Inskin Media and Lumen Research.

The research saw more than 3,000 eye tracking experiments carried out and found that high-impact ad formats received 15 times more attention than standard display formats. Beyond this, MPUs (mid-page units) shown after a high-impact format were 27 per cent more likely to be looked at, viewed for 39 per cent longer, and were 140 per cent more likely to have an impact on metrics or conversions than MPUs shown after another identical MPU.

This impact was amplified further when the high-impact format and the MPU that followed was the same. Specifically, a 174 per cent uplift in attention was identified compared to just a three per cent uplift in attention – versus a control group – when the creatives used were dissimilar.

“We know that the duration of visual attention paid to an ad has a direct impact on its performance. But until now it wasn’t clear whether creative consistency – or inconsistency – across different formats also affected attention levels,” said Dominic Tillson, head of insight at Inskin Media.

“These insights show that a focus on creative cohesion throughout the planning process will help ensure the best chance of campaign success. This is particularly pertinent for display advertising, as finding ways to increase the attention potential of standard ads, especially through optimisation methods that don’t require increased budgets, could help lift both short- and long-term profitability of digital ad spends.”