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Creativity, and Beyond – Cannes Lions

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Jose Papa, MD of Cannes Lions, says that disruption and digitalisation will feature heavily alongside creativity at this year’s event, which kicks off this weekend

Last year, 15,000 people from across the globe descended upon Cannes to celebrate the best creative work from some of the world’s most innovative creative agencies, tech companies and start-ups. This year, at the 64th International Festival of Creativity, the best and brightest from all walks of life will return to give over 150 mind-opening talks about everything creativity-related.

While creativity will always remain at the heart of Cannes Lions, it is interesting to see how much digital transformation is impacting the era in which we live, breathe and work. Technology now surrounds us and plays an integral role in much of the prevalent work for marketers and the industry as a whole. Some of the sessions at Cannes Lions this year will cater to these changes and show how we can integrate creativity and technology to create world class work.

So, here’s a handful of events that demonstrate this synergy of tech and creativity that shouldn’t be missed this year:

Isobar in Conversation with Tencent: AI, the Future of Creativity
As consumer interactions with brands become ever more interconnected, the power of machine learning and data-informed decision-making will be integral to the creative approach. As such, Isobar's CEO Jean Lin and AI Lab Tencent's director Wei Liu are set to discuss how AI is impacting the role of creativity and transforming its future. As we enter the era of machine learning, AI is set to redefine the way agencies and brands create experiences. In response, companies like Tencent, the Chinese tech giant behind trailblazing app WeChat, are at the forefront and using machine learning to continually innovate and enhance experiences.

The Changing Face of Original Content
Over 1bn hours of content is watched every single day on YouTube, setting the stage for a diverse video ecosystem fuelled by creators, music artists and brands. YouTube’s global head of content, Susanne Daniels, will be joined onstage with Demi Lovato, as well as YouTube’s head of culture and trends, Kevin Allocca, who will reveal the latest global trends and the strategies that bring content to life.

Creativity in the Experience Age
The experience age is transforming creativity. Augmented, virtual and mixed realities, AI, responsive environments, connected devices – professionals are now responsible for constructing a world beyond ads, a world of experience. This leads us to question how we can harness existing skills and what new capabilities we must embrace to design meaningful experiences for the present and the future. As we adapt to this rapid change, we must avoid dystopia to realise the best future for our clients, ourselves and our world. In this session, a new breed of creatives, from storytellers imagining the future, to creatives designing cutting-edge experiences, will navigate the age of experience.

Creativity for Business Innovation
The challenges our clients face today in business creation and innovation are broad and complex, demanding skills beyond advertising. To truly move people, we need to drive powerful ideas that will be just as relevant in 100 years as they are now. Dentsu is heading to Cannes this year to look at how agencies can challenge their creativity and break into new fields, taking as an example a unique partnership formed with the global automotive giant Toyota.

Merge – the Closing Gap Between Technology and Us
Technology is an inseparable part of our lives. But, as both hardware and software become smarter, we will start to move beyond screens. A new paradigm will emerge, which will see our relationship with technology change forever. Virtual assistants will autonomously organise our lives, bots will run businesses and our brains will become super-charged via a connection to the cloud. We will, both virtually and biologically, merge together. Ray Kurzweil, inventor, author and futurist, joins PHD to explore our future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked.

There are a plethora of interesting sessions taking place at Cannes Lions this year, which touch on a huge array of issues impacting our industry. We hope to see each and every delegate taking from it something that educates, inspires and interests them – and ultimately helps them take their business forward.