CreditCall Launches Smartphone Chip & PIN Payments Trial

CreditCall has launched its ‘Smartphone Payment Acceptance Trial’ and is inviting UK businesses to sign up and be the first in the world to accept Chip & PIN credit and debit card payments with their smartphone. The CardEase Mobile application uses a certified PIN pad in connection with a BlackBerry phone.

The app enables businesses operating outside the normal retail environment who need to accept payments on the go, such as tradespeople, mobile retailers, beauticians, delivery services, and exhibitors, to accept Chip and PIN payments on their mobile phone, without the hassle of cheques or cash. Provided they have a mobile signal or wi-fi connection, a smartphone, and a Chip & PIN pad, card payments can be taken anywhere, anytime.

In its final development stage, CreditCall is now looking for businesses who would like to test the smartphone Chip & PIN payment terminal in the real world. The app will initially be installed on BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Torch smartphones, with a version operating on Apple’s iOS and Android following in the first quarter of 2011.
To be considered for the trial, businesses need to have a credit card merchant account with one of CreditCall’s partner UK acquiring banks. They also need to own a BlackBerry smartphone connected to one of the UK mobile phone operators, and be prepared to provide weekly feedback to CreditCall on the service. Finally, they must be currently handling at least five card transactions a day. Interested businesses can register here. 

The PIN pad and app will be provided by CreditCall, together with full training and hotline support. Spaces are limited. The sign-up deadline is Friday, 17 December 2010. Successful applicants will be contacted in early January, with the trial starting by February 2011. The trial is scheduled to run for two months, with participants able to continue to use CardEase Mobile once fully certified and accredited.