Criteo releases State of Ad Tech 2019 report

Criteo, the open internet advertising platform, has released its State of Ad Tech 2019 report, which analyzes consumer data to help marketers convert online traffic to purchases.  Criteo interviewed 901 direct response marketers in partnership with Euromonitor International for the report.

Criteo asked marketers which channels claimed priority of their ad budgets and yielded the best results, with answers varying from paid display and social media marketing to content and SEO. The dispersion of results highlighted how fragmented ad budgets have become, the report notes, transitioning into the new year.

“Marketers understand that conversion can happen at any point in the shopper journey,” said Jaysen Gillespie, vice president, head of analytics and insights for Criteo. “We found that fragmented data, tech giants, and personalization are all top-of-mind for marketers going into 2019.”

Criteo’s report found that the most effective ad tactics from 2018 were social media marketing (53 per cent); paid display advertising (43 per cent); email marketing (41 per cent); and SEO (38 per cent).

40 per cent of marketers surveyed admitted to struggling to “find data on the online/offline shopper connection”, resulting in a lesser understanding of audience desires and lower conversion metrics. Another variable outlined by Criteo is the challenge to personalize campaigns and keep consumers engaged. 

According to the report: “Reengagement is a critical part of the consumer purchase journey, particularly as the impact of brand loyalty increases. The report revealed that existing retailer customers spend more on average than new shoppers (51 per cent) and shopping app customers have high loyalty tendencies (41 per cent). Compelling discounts, personalization, innovative ad formats and engaging designs were reported to be three of the most successful tactics for reengagement campaigns.”

You can read the complete State of Ad Tech 2019  here.