Criteo partners with Pixalate on ad fraud

Criteo teams up with Pixalate to tackle ad fraudInternet advertising company Criteo has teamed up with Pixalate, a cross-platform ad fraud detection and prevention solution, to tackle ad fraud. The partnership will see Pixalate supplement Criteo’s existing invalid traffic (IVT) detection engine to help provide additional protection to the investments of advertisers on the platform.

Pixalate will work with Criteo across its current suite of products and emerging channels addressing both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT). Pixalate’s Media Rating Terminal (MRT) tool will also be added to Criteo’s protective measures and services.

“Criteo’s partnership with Pixalate is another important step in our ongoing commitment to delivering the best quality inventory for our partners,” said Marc Grabowski, EVP of global supply at Criteo. “Invalid traffic is an ongoing industry issue, and the fight against it cannot be fought alone. By aligning ourselves with a best in class third-party vendor, we’re able to establish additional layers of credible protection alongside our strong existing tools and protocols, in both pre-bid and post-bid environments.”

Jalal Nasir, Pixalate CEO, added: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Criteo, a leading multi-national public company. By implementing our end-to-end anti-fraud solution, from media planning to pre-bid fraud protection, Criteo is demonstrating its commitment to the fight against ad fraud.”

Earlier this year, Pixalate formed a similar partnership with mobile advertising firm AdColony to tackle digital ad fraud within mobile app environments. Elsewhere, Criteo has been having some issues with Facebook, filing a complaint against the social network in France for unfairly favouring its own services.