Croquet announces Microverse World Builder

Croquet Corporation has announced the availability of Microverse World Builder, a browser-based development environment for the Open Metaverse that lets web and web3 developers rapidly create multi-user 3D Metaverse worlds that can be published to any web server, independent of proprietary platforms.

Microverse World Builder includes the release of the core Croquet Microverse open-source project (formerly known as Microverse IDE), a new template of virtual worlds that help developers jumpstart their efforts and a growing library of behaviours that can be applied to any object in a world.

John Payne, CEO of Croquet said: “The Microverse World Builder is a collaborative live programming environment where developers and designers can work together to create and refine Metaverse worlds using JavaScript IDEs and other tools they use today. We believe that in order for the Metaverse to be the next major communication and collaboration platform, it needs to be open, flexible and easy to use. Microverse Worlds are decentralized, natively multiuser, low latency and can be published to any web server while developers and creators control their economic and IP rights.”

Because Microverse World Builder is based on open, standards-based web and browser technologies and can be published to any web server, 3D Metaverse worlds can be integrated to new and existing web sites to form a foundation of the Metaverse. Developers can build 3D ecommerce showrooms, Metaverse conference rooms equipped with Spatial Audio or a flexible, decentralized NFT gallery, all integrated to existing 2D websites and all with portals that can connect to the rest of the Metaverse. This begins the revolution of the 2D web to the 3D Metaverse.