Cross-device and Measurement Dominate Media Buyers Concerns

Cross platform range of devices multichannel omnichannelCross-device advertising and measurement are the top two areas of interest among media buyers in Europe, according to a survey of professionals from the UK, France and Germany.

Broken down by country, learning more about cross-device advertising, targeting and tracking was among the top two priorities in France, Germany and the UK. In the UK and Germany, mobile advertising was the second highest priority, while in France, measurement and attribution took top place, with cross-device in second.

The figures come from research carried out by digital marketing firm Conversant in conjunction with Research Now. The report showed that mobile and video were showing strong adoption, with 90 per cent of media buyers utilising mobile in the past year, and 76 per cent using video.

Social media, one of the key buyer interests from the past few years, has fallen off significantly, as buyers embrace more complex methods of finding, targeting and engaging consumers.

“The agency media landscape is highly competitive and highly collaborative, with professionals demanding more from the media spend,” said Oded Benyo, president of Conversant Europe. “They are increasingly turning to companies to provide true cross-device marketing. Professionals are no longer looking for cross platform campaigns, theyre looking for fully integrated, cross-device delivery to identify consumers and target them individually.”