Crosswise Launches Cross-device Tracking Solution

Crosswise LogoCrosswise has launched a cross-device data identification solution, which can link various internet-enabled devices to a single user, without using any personally identifiable information, based on data analysis, machine learning and proprietary algorithms.

The solution differentiates itself from competitors like Tapad and Drawbridge by offering a data only service. Because Crosswise doesnt sell media along with the tracking data, it believes it can guarantee a more neutral objectivity.

As with any probabilistic tracking solution, there is by definition an element of guesswork involved, but Crosswise says its data is validated for accuracy by an accompanying quality score, basedon first-party data.


Crosswise has also partnered with data onboarding firm LiveRamp to enhance Crosswises statistical models, and enable it to distribute data to LiveRamp’s network of over 100 digital marketing partners.

“Cross-device identification is a strategic opportunity for marketing application providers in 2014,” said LiveRamp CEO Auren Hoffman. “We were attracted to Crosswise because of the caliber of the team, the technology, and the opportunity to enhance their cross-device technology and provide connections to other digital marketing applications.”