Crowdsourced App is Made for Sharing

iwikiphone, an independent, international community for iPhone users, has released Scrappbook, a crowdsourced app that enables users to create and share scrapbooks of their videos, pictures and audio content. The app costs £0.59.

The original idea for the app came from 16-year old Alistair Heath, and was refined by community members in the US, Bahrain and the UK. Heath, and the members who helped refine the app, get a one-off payment from iwikiphone and a share of the first month’s sales revenues. Scrappbook is already popular with highly social iPhone users in the US and is number five in the iTunes Photography section. It is also included in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section on the US App Store homepage.

Scrappbook includes geo-localisation for each picture and video; a range of themes, bubbles, notes and signs to choose from; and direct sharing to Facebook. Users can also archive several scrapbooks and export them to PDF for printing. It is available on iTunes in the UK and US, with local language versions on iTunes in Spain France, Germany and Italy. You can see a video of Scrappbook in action here.

“The idea behind the model is that we only develop apps that people actually want,” says iwikiphone CEO, Luca Di Cesare. “Scrappbook is already up on iTunes and selling well. Members of the community that helped develop the app are likely to be our first customers, but I’m sure that it will be very popular with the vast majority of iPhone app users.”

Ideas for apps are suggested, refined and selected for development in iwkiphone’s App Farm. It has bee operational since December 2009, and in the five month since it launched, 600 suggestions for apps have been posted. 16 apps have been published to be reviewed by the community, and four chosen for development. 
Community members can find out about the latest and coolest apps on iwikiphone through Video Reviews; 
AppLists; Circle of Friends (updates from trusted community members); and APPscriptions, which are 140-character user-generated definitions of cool apps.

iwikiphone also provides community members with recommendations on new apps that maybe of specific interest to a member. The app selection is based on the information collected from community registrations and ongoing monitoring of app developments outside of the community.