CTIA News: YouMail Debuts Speech-to-text Voicemail

YouMail, which provides mobile consumer voicemail services, has announced a transcription capability that will enable users to receive their voicemails converted to text. Users who opt-in will receive automatically-transcribed voicemail messages to their email inbox or via text message to their mobile phone or PDA. The transcription service is available now for free through a beta program, with general availability expected later in 2008. 
We continue to make YouMail more fun and more useful, while keeping it very easy to use, says YouMail CEO, Alex Quilici. We are the only voicemail service leveraging its user community to build a better voicemail experience, first in greetings, and now in transcription.
YouMail users have the opportunity to help improve the transcription service through interactive feedback. After a user receives a transcribed voicemail, they have the opportunity to rate the quality of the transcription, and identify any possible discrepancies. The system then uses this feedback to improve the accuracy of its transcriptions over time. 
YouMail offers consumers a variety of free voicemail services. YouMail users can personalise greetings based on caller ID, recording greetings themselves, or choosing from a large and growing library of user-generated greetings and away messages. Recently, YouMail also introduced Smart Greetings, where YouMail can automatically greets callers with their own name. YouMail users can also access their mobile phone voicemail over the web or in their e-mail, easily share voicemails, and save them forever.