Cupid Goes Android

In anticipation of Valentines Day, Iconosys, an international smartphone app developer, has released Kiss My Valentine in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese, writes Eva McGarr. The Android app enables the user to send digital kisses, hugs, and wishes to friends in their phone’s contacts book.

“Like Christmas, Valentines Day is more about giving than receiving. I look forward each year to making the loved ones in my life feel extra-special on this precious day” notes Cygel White, brand marketing manager for Iconosys. “I now can send text kisses and text hugs to family that normally I may have not taken the time to reach out to in the past.”  (That’s sweet – Ed).

Kiss My Valentine is a year-round app, once installed, it will update and reset for the following year. The app is free of charge if downloaded before Valentines Day, or can be bought thereafter for $4.95 (£3.09) for full lifetime coverage.