Microsoft UK appoints Currys as first retail repair partner

Microsoft UK has named Currys as its first UK repair partner.

As a result of the partnership, Currys has received accreditation from the technology giant to become its authorised service provider, meaning customers with Microsoft Surface devices can get their products repaired at the electrical retailer.

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Customers can also get access to in-person support at any of Currys’ 300 stores across the UK and Ireland before the product is booked for a technical repair.

Previously, Microsoft Surface users could only go to the technology giant’s own support channels, whereas now, Currys can replace the Surface unit within the warranty period.

It can also perform repairs in the event of a breakdown at its facility in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Microsoft UK, Surface Category Lead, John Crouch, said: “At Microsoft, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with more options and flexibility in how they use our products and services.

“By collaborating with Currys to offer a new UK pathway for Surface support, we believe we can better help our customers achieve their goals through technology.”

Currys’ Chief Operating Officer, Lindsay Haselhurst, added: “At Currys, we know that offering customers the right after-sales support when it comes to their tech and ensuring they have the longest life possible is just as important as offering the latest ranges of amazing technology.

“We are proud to be working with Microsoft in this new collaboration which will give thousands of Surface laptop users in the UK a new route to access repairs, as and when they need them, no matter where they purchased their laptop.”