WATCH: Currys staff stays undistracted amid summer of sports

Currys has launched a new ad showcasing its employees wearing creepy eye masks to avoid getting distracted amid the summer of sports.

In a bid to stay undistracted from the Euro 2024 finals, the campaign, created by agency AMV BBDO is part of the retailer’s ongoing ‘Beyond Techspectations’ brand platform, highlighting the lengths its staff members will go to to support customers.

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The campaign, which will roll out across TV and video-on-demand, will consist of three ads, each showcasing a specific employee’s struggles to remain undistracted whilst the football is on, from wearing a giant cartoon eye mask to donning human-sized dog cones and even turning a head 180 degrees like an owl.

 Currys Senior Advertising Manager, Martin Burke, said: “In the latest instalment of our already hugely popular ‘Beyond Techspectations’ series, we continue to push absurdly humorous boundaries, whilst reaffirming Currys as the go-to tech experts for all its customer’s needs.

“‘No Distractions’ breaks the traditional football advertising mould, driving brand consideration ahead of what is set to be an extravaganza of sport this summer.”

AMV BBDO Creative Directors Jeremy Tribe and Dave Westland, continued: “When the nation is gripped by football fever, a store full of TVs is the hardest place to focus on work. So, we’re showing the absurd dedication of Currys colleagues to stick to their task – delivering tech expertise.

“It’s a distinctive and memorable addition to the Beyond Techspectations platform. Hopefully, football’s coming home, as well as a truckload of tellys.”