Curve banking app launches waitlist for Curve Credit feature

Curve, an over-the-top banking platform, has launched the waitlist for its upcoming new digital product, Curve Credit. While Curve Credit is scheduled to be fully available by the end of 2020, Curve is allowing the first 200 applicants on the waitlist to get full use of Curve Credit before the official launch date.

Curve customers who have already consolidated their accounts and credit cards onto the Curve app will be able to use the new feature to pay off credit card debt and to split transactions into installments. Curve Credit uses Go Back In Time technology, more notably used by shopping apps like Klarna and Afterpay. The technology allows consumers to purchase with an initial small payment, and continue to pay with installments until the bill is paid off.

“Curve Credit will offer our customers a unique combination of capabilities that will generate a truly satisfying experience,” said Paul Harrald, Head of Curve Credit. “Were able to do this because we will be a genuine “fintech” lender, using the synergies, the economies of scope, that exist between payments, lending, and a beautiful UX design. Customers can shop with any merchant, using any underlying funding card they choose, and we will allow them either immediately or at their leisure to “go back in time” and split the purchase into instalments. So, were always available, any-merchant, any card, point-of-sale finance. And, you can change your mind later. This is a truly unique offering that will change the way people manage their cash flow.”