Dairylea partners with Trainline to revolutionise children’s play

Dairylea has partnered with Trainline to launch a new campaign showcasing the importance of unstructured children’s play.

Created by VCCP London, Publicis Media and Channel, the new campaign titled ‘Dairylea Discovery’ aims to provide children with more opportunities to develop.

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As a result, the partnership offers families discounts of £10 off Trainline tickets across the UK, allowing children more opportunities to explore.

The campaign also features a two-part content series where Dairylea Days are brought to life by some of the UK’s favourite comedians.

It will also be supported by OOH advertising and audio creative.

PR activity will be carried out by Tin Man Communications, who have included TV presenter Joe Swash and his son Rex to show them discovering things together.

The parent company of Dairylea, Mondelez, Marketing Director Kirsten McPherson stated: “Dairylea is synonymous with the unstructured moments we can all remember from our own childhoods. It’s a handy triangle of cheese that kids can take anywhere and eat in any way they please”.

“This bold campaign urges everyone to embrace the surprising and extraordinary experiences that happen when families when families get out there and discover.”

VCCP Creative Director, Caroline Rawlings, continued: “It is a special career treat when you get to work on a project that’s close to your heart. I can’t wait to see what impact Dairylea Discovery Days has this spring.

“Even if it results in just a few more kids getting to benefit from a really good, muddy socked grazed kneed, pocket full of stones, knotty haired day of freedom and discovery (with a cheese triangle to fuel them of course).”