DAMtel Launches DAMcart

DAMtel has unveiled DAMcart, a mobile web catalogue and mCommerce app system that integrates with retailers existing eCommerce platforms, providing a mobile web or app version of their eCommerce infrastructure.

DAMcart includes a mobile web or app version of any eCommerce store available across all mobile platforms. Apps will be listed in the relevant app stores for free download. It comes as a bespoke, fully PCI-compliant solution which, through an API, will mirror any existing eCommerce store in real-time. This ensures that catalogues can be browsed on a live basis. For example, once a product is bought via the eCommerce store, this will be reflected in the mCommerce stock volume. Discounts and vouchers can be applied, shipping can be calculated, stores located, and payments processed.

The platform also includes mobile ticketing and booking solutions for hotels, travel operators, cinemas, theatres and tourist attractions. This includes real-time offers, news and reviews. It also offers Augmented Reality and QR code integration, enabling customers to try on products which arent actually in store by combining images of the customer and the product on screen.

With Juniper Research predicting that $630bn worth of goods and services will be bought via mobile phones in 2014, DAMtel says it is are prepared for a huge uptake in the coming months as retailers seek mobile-friendly online solutions.