DAMtel Updates Mobile Site and App Creator

Business telecoms provider DAMtel has updated its DAMcart mobile web and app systems to include web crawling tools. 

These tools extract information from a source site and then transform, optimise, and load it onto a mobile site or application without the need to integrate with the source sites eCommerce platform.

DAMcart integrates with retailers existing eCommerce platforms providing a mobile web or app version of their eCommerce infrastructure, and the web crawling tools cut development time further, says the company. 

Alexander Wood, DAMtels co-founding director, says: “Before introducing this spidering technology, we had to build an API feed so as to successfully integrate with the eCommerce platform and payment gateway. This process alone could take 6-8 weeks. But now we are able to turn our solution round within a month and work on more builds. Both DAMcart and our clients benefit because we save on development time and they save on cost. By making the whole process cheaper and more efficient, the traditional barriers to entry for smaller companies are being removed.”