DAQRI Kicks Off Crowdfunding for AR Project

AR company DAQRI has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Elements 4D, a set of scannable blocks which can be interacted with through its app.

Each block features symbols for various elements of the periodic table, which can be combined to set off reactions – so placing a Hydrogen block next to Oxygen will virtually create water.

The blocks are intended partly as a game but also partly, given the blocks chemical theme, for education. DAQRI points to research that says activating the part of the brain responsible for spatial awareness, as AR does, can help people learn better.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this Kickstarter campaign, however, is as a litmus test of whether people are willing to pay for AR. The technology is often written off as a flimsy gimmick, and until now, most applications of AR have been brand-driven, and free to the user. By comparison, to get these blocks, backers will have to donate upwards of $25 to the campaign, with the complete set of six costing $75.