Data: Marketers ramp up investment in AI creator content this year


Some 75% of marketers believe generative AI will positively disrupt the creator economy this year, resulting in an increase in investment for AI creator content, new data has revealed.

According to Billion Dollar Boy’s, AI as a Creative Muse: How Generative AI is Influencing the Creator Economy, which surveyed 6,000 consumers, creators and marketers across the US and UK found here in four marketers plan to increase investment in generative AI creator content this year, with two-thirds re-allocating budget from other marketing channels.

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The data also revealed that 60% of consumers stated they prefer a new style of AI creator content compared with traditional creator content.

Some 81% of creators reported better engagement on their AI content. Meanwhile, 87% support clearer regulation of generative AI in the creator economy.

However, while transparent content labelling was among the top two concerns for consumers and marketers, it was the second least important for creators, raising concern as three in five (61%) consumers are unsure whether or not they’ve engaged with generative AI creator content, the research revealed.

Billion Dollar Boy, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Becky Owen said: “Our research reveals a strong appetite for generative AI in the creator economy, with the consensus that it’s improving the quality and diversity of creator content – supported by strong performance results – while also providing efficiencies and solutions. It can alleviate workload; offer cost-effective production at speed and scale; reinvigorate product-centric assets; and combat creative fatigue.

“But concerns around the misuse of the technology mean brands and creators must implement it responsibly and intentionally. In the accelerating race to invest, those who do so strategically will reap the rewards as we move out of the early adoption phase and into an era focused on refining generative AI creator content and exploring new innovations.”