Data: UK marketers face AI skills crisis

UK marketers are embracing artificial intelligence but lack skills within their team to implement the tool, a new report has revealed.

According to a report by Braze, which which surveyed over 1,900 senior marketers-VP or above- globally on issues surrounding AI, 92% of those revealed they are eagerly embracing the technology.

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However, the data revealed that 52% of marketers identified a lack of data skills among marketing talent as a major issue, preventing them from fully exploring the software for customer engagement.

The data also revealed that UK marketers are utilising AI, or are planning to, for crucial tasks including optimising strategies in real-time (53%), generating creative ideas (50%) and automating repetitive tasks (49%).

Some 49% are also using AI to enhance data analysis, personalise campaign messaging (46%) and utilise predictive analytics (43%).

Braze Senior Vice President of Customer Success, James Manderson, said: “With artificial intelligence at the forefront of the agenda across markets, it is essential brands are utilising it in the right way, or risk being left behind. To capitalise on the potential, we must boost the education of data skills, both in our marketing education at university and in the workplace.

“The problem is going to get worse in the future if marketers are not built to understand and manage data correctly.”

He added: “This is not just important for marketers but should also be built into the skill set of CEOs and CMOs. A lack of crucial AI skills means businesses are missing out on the key opportunity to not only harness these skills but ensure they are being used correctly.”