Data: 67% of Brits consider nudge tactics as ‘misleading’

Two-thirds of British consumers (67%) have revealed they consider nudge tactics to be “misleading”, according to new data.

According to a study by Twilio, 39% of UK consumers revealed they would prefer to never encounter nudge marketing and sales tactics, which includes last chance to buy’ notifications and countdown clocks.

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Some 70% said that they do not trust the authenticity of nudge tactics, with 65% of Brits revealing they would actively boycott brands who use such tactics.

Meanwhile, 39% of those surveyed said they felt frustrated when a brand uses this tactic with 22% stating they felt tricked and 13% saying they felt panicked.

Twilio Customer Engagement Expert, Sam Richardson, said: “There’s a huge difference between sharing useful offers, promotions, and reminders, and then applying unwanted pressure. It’s important for brands to listen to what consumers are saying here.

“Having access to first-party data, in real-time, can help brands to deliver highly personalised customer interactions – in their preferred format and on their preferred channel. It will also give brands the power to foresee when follow-ups and reminders are likely to strike the wrong or right chord.”

Richardson added: “For example, if a customer is already in touch with a customer service complaint, promotional emails are unlikely to resonate. There’s a significant opportunity for brands to get this right and take us into a new era of respectful marketing practices.”