Datawind Unveils PocketSurfer3


Datawind has launched the PocketSurfer3 and PocketSurfer3 Lite, the latest versions of its web-browsing devices. Both units now incorporate a Linux operating system, providing users with the the basic functionality of a simple computer, including word processing, spreadsheets and scheduling. Both also feature an improved high resolution, active matrix TFT screen. The PocketSurfer3 retails at 199.99 and the PocketSurfer3 Lite at 159.99, and will be available in early August.
Users now get 30 hours a month free surfing in the UK (a 10-hour increase) for the first year, and roaming in Europe at 5p per minute. Basic usage for the second year would cost a maximum of 29.99 for the year. Heavy users can opt for unlimited access for 5.99 a month, or unlimited use of the Internet for the lifetime of the product for 59.99.
Both units come with an embedded GPRS antenna and SIM card. Datawind says its patented acceleration technology means that page load times are faster than any other handheld device on a mobile network, at five to seven seconds per page.
The PocketSurfer allows users to browse the web in its original HTML layout, with full graphics, Java support and other web functionality on a full colour, five-inch 640 x 240 TFT screen. The PocketSurfer3 also has a touchpad mouse pointer that improves navigability around the screen. It also sports a backlit QWERTY keyboard for instant messaging and email, and has built-in GPS.