DAZN teams up with KDDI to offer 5G sport viewing

Tyrone Stewart

Sport streaming service DAZN has teamed up with KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications company, to deliver a 5G sport viewing experience for its customers.

DAZN will launch its first 5G payment plan integration, enabling customers with 5G-enabled handsets to enjoy higher quality streams, with faster download speeds and latency, from 11 December.

Customers of KDDI’s AU mobile carrier will also receive three months access to DAZN viva the Data Max 5G plan.

“Millions of fans across Japan have already changed the way they watch live sport via DAZN. More accessible, more flexible and more affordable than before. The possibilities of 5G and our partnership with KDDI, kick starts some incredible opportunities for us to take that sports-viewing experience to the next level,” said Ben King, Chief Subscription Officer at DAZN.

“We look forward to working closely with KDDI to explore opportunities that 5G presents to create more interactive and more engaging viewing experiences including real-time data, community, gamification, augmented and virtual reality.”

The agreement between DAZN and KDDI is an extension to the pair’s existing relationship, having launched direct carrier billing for AU customers back in February.