Debenhams Launches SMS/Email Discount Card

Debenhams has teamed up with prepaid services firm PrePay Solutions to launch a  Promotional Virtual Card (PVC) for its customers. The card offers Debenhams customers a one-off £5 discount in store that is sent to them in the form of a text message or an email. The card is currently being sent out to hundreds of thousands of Debenhams customers across the UK, who have registered to receive it in response to an online promotional campaign.

PrePay Solutions activates and loads the card with value and manages the redemption process, ensuring thet the virtual card is redeemed correctly and within the arranged expiry date. This also enables Debenhams to track and monitor the performance of its promotion and gives the retailer control over the redemption, as this takes place within a set time period.

Recipients are encouraged to pass on details of the promotion to friends and family so they can sign up to receive the virtual card. This increases data capture for the retailer and expands its database of customers. The redemption window opened on  25 October and closes this Friday, 12 November, driving sales at the start of the festive season.

“This new type of voucher adds to Debenhams’ range of promotional offers,” says Debenhams head of Marketing, Jane Exon. “This is of particular benefit to our customers, enabling them to make valuable savings on their purchases, especially in the run up to Christmas.”