deCarta Signs Up for bada

deCarta has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics to provide developers with location geoservices on the handset makers new bada Smartphone platform. The partnership will enable developers to add maps, location-based search and routing instructions to any application designed for bada-enabled mobile phones. 
Under the terms of the agreement, application developers on the Samsung bada platform will have access to deCartas simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that invoke a complete set of geospatial services, including maps, mobile local search, vehicle and pedestrian routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding, with minimal development time. The services are built on deCartas high-volume Hosted Web Services (HWS) geospatial platform, and will be provided at no cost to developers.
deCarta is excited to be providing the location component of Samsungs bada eco-system, says deCarta CEO Kim Fennell. Because deCartas technology simplifies the task of integrating maps and location-based search into applications, developers can build even more compelling applications, and Samsung customers will benefit from a new class of location-enabled applications.