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deltaDNA launches AdVantage, offering access to in-app purchase and ad revenue numbers

David Murphy
AdVantage is aimed at developers of free-to-play games

Analytics and player marketing company deltaDNA has launched AdVantage, an ad management service designed to give game developers unrivalled access to real-time ad revenue and in-app purchase (IAP) data.

The company notes that while it’s key to be able to calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of players in free-to-play (F2P) games, developers typically have limited access to user-level data so can only calculate player LTV for in-app purchases, not for ad revenues. This makes it impossible for them to truly understand their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and the true value of each player.

AdVantage delivers access to user-level ad revenue and IAP data, combined with behavioural data unique to deltaDNA, giving developers the power to accurately identify and target the most profitable players in real-time. With player, ad and IAP data all available in one location, developers can monitor the impact of their ad campaigns within the context of the whole game economy.

“Accurately calculating player LTV is notoriously difficult for F2P developers because reliable user-level revenue data has not historically been available for ads,” said deltaDNA CEO, Mark Robinson. “AdVantage solves this problem by combining both user-level IAP and ad revenue data from across the whole game economy, empowering developers to generate the most reliable and accurate LTV forecasting.”