DeltaDNAs SmartAds On Demand Monetises Games with Smaller Audiences

DeltaDNADeltaDNA has launched SmartAds On Demand – an independent ad mediation and management platform designed to monetise games with low player numbers.

The offering is intended to alleviate the trouble that smaller games have with a lack of available performance data for ad optimisation, by using predictive modelling of player behaviour. These models are then used to show the most valuable ads for each player, through links with ad networks including Admob, Unity Ads and Vungle.

“We know that smaller games find it harder to monetise, mainly because developers have little idea which ad networks are delivering value or how the ads are affecting retention,” said DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson. “With the release of SmartAds On-Demand, we are changing that by opening up effective monetisation for every game, regardless of size. Now every marketer can implement player-centric real-time campaigns across ads and in-app purchases, and every developer can become the master of their data and start making the money their game deserves.”

The product is free for use in any apps that have fewer than 10,000 monthly active users.