Developers Seek Alternatives to Android Market

Almost half of all Android apps listed in the Android Market are now also listed on independent stores, according to new research from research2guidance

The analyst says that developers are increasingly heading to alternative distribution platforms, because Android Market is difficult to monetise. 

“The Android Market has reached a level that makes it difficult for a publisher to stand out of the crowd,” says research2guidance. “Getting found amongst 5,000 apps is much more likely than amongst 200,000 apps.”

The growing importance of independent app stores in the Android space is evidenced by the investment in companies offering Android stores, says the company. 

“The most prominent examples are Getjar and PocketGear raising over $10m (£6.2m) last year and Appia again (formerly PocketGear) collecting $10m this year,” says research2guidance.

The findings are taken from two new studies by the firm – Smartphone App Market Monitor, which is a €1,290 (£1,144) paid-for report, and the May edition of the free monthly report, Android Market Insights.